Various lab equipments for testing raw material as well as final hose.

Various lab equipments for raw material testing like density,
melting point, specific gravity, ash content etc.
Ageing & humidity controlled oven
Oven for testing final product and raw material of hose,
conditioning of hose moisture content, volatile matter etc.

Moony Viscometer
for Checking
Moony Viscosity for Various Rubber & Rubber Compound.

Cold ageing
oven for testing final product in minus degree temperature.

Abrasion Test Abrasion Test
Tests Conducted under IS and BS Specifications to ensure the workmanship of the Hose under Rugged Conditions.
Heat Resistance Test 
To ensure the workmanship of the hose in High Temperature Zones during fire fighting.
Heat Resistance Test
The Pressure Test Pressure Test
The most important test for the hoses to ensure it's ratings and recommended work conditions is the Pressure Test.
Tensile Test
To ensure the reliability and durability of the innerlining of the hose during storage and use the Tensile Test is used.
The Tensile Test